Dear Legion Family,

Hope y’all had a great Veterans Day weekend and you’re having a great week so far.…  Thanksgiving approaches!

Thanks to all those who came out last Sat. eve for the outstanding Veterans Day Dinner hosted by the Ladies Aux. Great work Ladies, and many thanks again to all who helped us make that evening a great event to honor all our Vets.  For those who couldn’t make it, be advised:


  1. Thanks for supporting the Post and CONGRATS! to our lucky winners in the Post Fall Raffle:
    • First Prize: SU Football Pkg – 4 great seats on the 50 yard-line for the Boston College game è Norm Hunt
    • Second Prize: Rifle from Tim’s Guns è Duane Wiedor
    • Third Prize: SU Basketball Pkg è  Deb Bryant
    • Fourth Prize: Fuzzy Zoeller Vodka – Indy-500 Commemorative Bottle è  Jed Dove 


  1. We kicked-off our Centennial Campaign Tribute Brick Fundraiser Project on Veterans Day.  Brochures and sample brick pavers are on display at the Post.  For more info and order forms — See our website or call: (800)-444-0607 for more information on how to pay Tribute to your Veteran and support the Post’s 100th Anniversary project.


Reminders for this week/next:

  • Friday. Nov 17th.  Fish Fry, 5-8pm.  Eat-in or Take-out.  Call Post for reservations/orders.
  • Sat. Nov. 18th, 9am-11:30am, Legion-Family CY18 Budget Brainstorming Team session.  All members are invited to participate.
  • Saturday, Nov 18thLuncheon, noon-1:30pm, hosted by Tammy & Eric Amberge.  Menu:  Marinated BBQ Beef sandwiches, salad, dessert.
  • Wed. Nov. 22nd, 1900 hrs.  Legionnaires/EXCOMM Meeting


More hands on-deck! – we need Fish Fry Volunteers for the upcoming Fish Fry events to be held the 1st and 3rd Fridays in through February, followed by every Friday for Lent through end of March.   For each event, there are four teams:

  • Prep team.  Meets Thurs eve to prep the Fish, chop the potatoes. 
  • Set-up team.  Meets Thurs eve to set-up/cover tables and place chairs in the Upstairs Hall
  • Serving team.  Take/expedite orders. Work the cash register. Serve orders from the Kitchen.
  • Clean-up team.  Help clean-up afterward – kitchen and hall.

Please contact our House Manager: Sheri Spooner (c: (315) 730-4450, email: to sign-up for a team today.  Thanks!


Military Humor:    Here’s to the Marines:

(courtesy of Jack Hyatt):

The Department of the Navy is now assigning females to quarters in separate private “OFF LIMITS” areas, with new regulations for enforcement.

Addressing all personnel at Pearl Harbor, CINCPACFLT Judge Advocate General (JAG) assembled an urgent meeting and reviewed the FLASH message:

“By order of CINCPACFLT, henceforth all female sleeping quarters afloat and ashore will be “off-limits” for all male personnel. Anyone caught breaking this rule will be fined $50 for the first offense.”  The JAG continued, “Anyone caught violating this rule the second time will be fined $150. Being caught a third time will cost you a fine of $500. Are there any questions?”

At this point, a Marine from the security detail assigned to the Four-star’s HQ stood up in the crowd and inquired: “Hey JAG, how much for a season pass?”


Two good reasons, among hundreds, why our SECDEF General Mattis, USMC (Ret.) is an amazing and inspiring leader:

1.  He can wear a purple tie. General Mattis recently spoke wearing a purple tie, at a DC gala with an audience full of combat Marines. A purple tie! And not just any purple tie – a soft sort of violet with a bit of sheen. Did he lose credibility?  Hell no: the Warrior Monk could brief Congress wearing a garbage bag and still be the fiercest badass in the room. His combat aura is undefeatable, and his devil dogs love him.

2.  When he gets heated, SECDEF brings out the “knifehand.” Watch carefully during any of his speeches (look them up). When he really cares about something, when Mad Dog gets fired up, that right hand straightens out and the thumb aligns with the fingers. Then you’d damn well better “standby to standby.”



Sick Call Update:  [If you know of Legion Family members to be added/updated, please send info via reply to this email.  Thanks]. 

Please continue to join us in thoughts and prayers for:

  • Chet Benoit.  Had visit to hospital emergency room yesterday afternoon.  Tests were negative re: recurrence of stomach bleeding.  Now back home.
  • Marshall Skiff.  Feeling a bit better, but still not eating well.  Still off oxygen. 
  • Scott Piwinski.  Recovering from successful throat cancer surgery. Radiation & chemo therapy have begun.
  • Sherry Herrmann (Gunny’s CO).  Awaiting a second MRI to diagnose a potential brain aneurism.
  • Jan Jurgensen.  Still recovering at home from a fall.  Going through therapy.  Will have family around them for Thanksgiving.


Upcoming Events:

  • Sat. Nov. 18th, 9am-11:30am, Legion-Family CY18 Budget Brainstorming Team session.
  • Wed. Nov. 22nd, 1900 hrs.  Legionnaires/EXCOMM Meeting
  • Thurs. Nov. 23rd, 3-5pm, Thanksgiving Topsy Dinner. Post will be open from 1-8pm. Please call the Post and RSVP today so the team has an accurate headcount.
  • Sat. Nov. 25th, noon-1:30pm, Luncheon Fundraiser for Operation Christmas Hope, hosted by the Dove Boys.
  • Friday. Dec. 1st.  Fish Fry, 5-8pm.  Eat-in or Take-out.  Call Post for reservations/orders.
  • Sat. Dec. 2nd, 5:30pm – 9:30pm, Operation Christmas Hope – Guest Bartender Party
  • Friday. Dec. 15th.  Fish Fry, 5-8pm.  Eat-in or Take-out.  Call Post for reservations/orders.
  • Sat. Dec. 16th, 6:30pm-10pm.  Post Merry Christmas Party, bring an appetizer/dessert, join in the Ugly Sweater Contest.
  • Tues, Dec. 19th, 1900 hrs.  Legionnaires/EXCOMM Meeting



  • Cold War. Sixty years ago this week, in a long and rambling interview with an American reporter, Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev claimed that the Soviet Union had missile superiority over the United States, and challenged America to a missile “shooting match” to prove his assertion. The interview further fueled US fears that the nation was falling perilously behind the Soviets in the arms race. The interview elicited the usual mixture of boastful belligerence and calls for “peaceful coexistence” with the West that was characteristic of Khrushchev’s public statements during the late 1950s. He bragged about Soviet missile superiority, claiming that the United States did not have intercontinental ballistic rockets; “If she had,” the USSR leader sneered, “she would have launched her own Sputnik.” He then issued a challenge: “Let’s have a peaceful rocket contest just like a rifle-shooting match, and they’ll see for themselves.” In the case of war, it “would be fought on the American continent, which can be reached by our rockets.” NATO forces in Europe would also be devastated, and Europe “might become a veritable cemetery.” While the Soviet Union would “suffer immensely,” Khrushchev claimed that the forces of communism would ultimately destroy capitalism.


See ya at the Post!

For God & Country,