Dear Legion Family,

 Hope y’all are enjoying the sunshine this week.  Snow is headed in for this weekend!  Note: Pearl Harbor day (76th anniversary in infamy) is tomorrow – we shall never forget…

 Special SHOUT-OUT to all those who came out to support the Operation Christmas Hope Guest Bartender Party last Saturday eve.  We raised over $4000 for Operation Christmas Hope!  OUTSTANDING!   (for more info on this great Legion Family program go to:


Post Everlasting:   Our American Legion tradition for remembering our brothers and sisters when they pass away. They are gone but not forgotten, and we will continue to carry on their legacy.  If you have a friend or family member that is a Legionnaire or veteran who has recently passed on, please let us know, so that we may honor & remember them, and reach out to their families. 

John “Jack” Dungey II, US Navy, Vietnam, passed away on Nov. 29th at the VA Medical Center.  Please join me in thoughts and prayers for the entire Dungey family.  Jack was Bill Dungey’s brother – Bill being a long-time SAL Member and friend of Post#239.  We had the honor of flying on the Honor Flight with Jack last year.  Here is the obituary link:



Reminders for this week/next:

  • Sat. Dec. 9th, noon-1:30pm.  Luncheon hosted by Brad Cole – Liver & Onions.
  • Sat. Dec. 9th, 3pm – 7pm.  Army vs. Navy NCAA Football Classic.  We’ll be watching the game INSIDE this year, using our BIG SCREEN in the upstairs hall.  Food, fixins and some good inter-service rivalry jokes, too.  Come on out for the big game & loosen up for some push-ups! 
  • Sun. Dec. 10th, 3pm – 6pm.  Ladies Auxiliary fundraiser: “Turkey/Ham” Raffle, Drawing every 1/2 hour starting at 3:30pm, Door prizes and 50/50 raffles, Appetizers and dinner provided – Dinner will be served at 5 pm


Military Humor:   

  • Serving in the war on terror, in the sand-box a.k.a. “down-range” is, as might be expected, very stressful.  A friend at a Forward Operating Base (FOB) relayed this story:  For a morale boost after some hard-won successful operations in the local area (somewhere in AFG), he and another soldier built a couple of horseshoe pits.  After the pits were laid out in the deep rear-area, the teams showed up to start pitching shoes and unwind off-duty with a few beers, well behind the wire.  The center of each pit was marked but not staked.  One of his buds said “Aren’t you going to put in the stakes?”  “Nope,” he answered.  “Fine, I’ll do it myself,” said his buddy.  My friend replied, “Okay, Schmedly, but remember that this AOR is one of the most heavily land-mined areas in AFG.”   “You’re right!” he said, gingerly stepping out of the pit.  “I’ll go get new Lieutenant.”



Sick Call Update:  [If you know of Legion Family members to be added/updated, please send info via reply to this email.  Thanks]. 

Please continue to join us in thoughts and prayers for:

  • Lynda Welch (Sheri’s Mom).  Lynda had cancer previously; now the cancer has returned and has metastasized in her spine.  She sees an Oncologist tomorrow AM, so they can identify the tumor locations and start treatment immediately.
  • Sherry Herrmann (Gunny’s CO).  Second MRI results were ALL CLEAR!!!  Thanks be to God! 
  • Ralph & Jan Jurgensen.  Caregiver is with them 3 days/week.  Jan is having dementia problems due to her head injuries.  Ralph continues to have pain/issues with surgery site on his hip, and he is now having bone-on-bone knee pain in his right knee.
  • Wendy Kopley.  Recovering at home from knee surgery.
  • Scott Piwinski.  Recovering from successful throat cancer surgery. First round of Radiation & chemo therapy will be complete before Christmas.



Upcoming Events:

  • Sun. Dec. 10th, 3pm – 6pm.  Ladies Auxiliary fundraiser: “Turkey/Ham” Raffle, Drawing every 1/2 hour starting at 3:30pm, Door prizes and 50/50 raffles, Appetizers and dinner provided – Dinner will be served at 5 pm
  • Friday. Dec. 15th.  Fish Fry, 5-8pm.  Eat-in or Take-out.  Call Post for reservations/orders.
  • Sat. Dec. 16th, 6:30pm-10pm.  Post Merry Christmas Party, bring an appetizer/dessert, join in the Ugly Sweater Contest.
  • Tues, Dec. 19th, 1900 hrs.  Legionnaires/EXCOMM Meeting
  • Friday. Dec. 29th.  Fish Fry, 5-8pm.  Eat-in or Take-out.  Call Post for reservations/orders.
  • Sat. Jan. 6th, ELVIS Night sponsored by the Ladies AUX.  More info to follow.
  • Sat. Jan 27th.  6-8pm, SAL Prime Rib Topsy.  More info to follow.




  • WW-II. This week in 1941, the first American shot in World War II was fired at 6:45 a.m. on Sunday, Dec. 7, 1941 just outside of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii by The USS Ward.  The Ward was a Wickes-class destroyer, and its crew sighted and sank a Japanese midget submarine. The submarine they sank was one of five top secret Japanese vessels, each armed with two torpedoes that intended to penetrate the harbor under cover of darkness before the attack began. The enemy air attack on Pearl Harbor, and throughout Oahu, started about an hour after the USS Ward sank the midget submarine.  On December 7, 1944, three years to the day, the USS Ward was lost after coming under attack by several kamikazes. She had been patrolling Ormoc Bay off the island of Leyte, serving as a high-speed transport for troops. She was hit at the waterline amidships by one of the attacking kamikaze. Unable to extinguish the resulting fire that was now consuming the ship, the crew was ordered to abandon ship. She was soon scuttled by an accompanying ship, the USS O’Brien. Poetically, O’Brien’s commanding officer was Lt. Cmdr. William Outerbridge, who had been in command of the USS Ward during the attack on Pearl Harbor three years earlier. Amazingly, only one USS Ward crew member was injured throughout that day’s events.  While today her remains rest at the bottom of Ormoc Bay, the Ward’s historical significance is not forgotten. “The USS Ward found herself in the crucible of American history – at the intersection of a peacetime Navy and war footing. She took decisive, effective and unflinching action despite the uncertain waters. Now 76 years on, her example informs our naval posture,” said Adm. Scott Swift, current commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet.  Also this week, Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Paul G. Allen’s expedition crew of Research Vessel (R/V) Petrel documented the USS Ward (Destroyer No. 139) in its final resting place near Ponson Island in the Philippines. “We’ve done a number of these explorations to try to find sunken warships,” Paul Allen said. “We try to do these both as really exciting examples of underwater archeology and as tributes to the brave men that went down in these ships.” The expedition team has released video images – see website:–the-destroyer-that-fired-first-american-shots-in-world-war-ii-on-dec-7-1941–just-before-the-attack-on-pearl-harbor-300566470.html


See ya at the Post!

For God & Country,